Brands AlgrantiLAB

From recycled materials such as wood, iron, aluminum, copper, brass and found objects are born tables, kitchens, closets, beds, chests of drawers, desks, lamps, chairs and armchairs, furnishings large and small.

Algranti LAB is a laboratory at times similar to a carpenter's workshop and in other ways to a forge of thoughts where ideas take shape, through the practice of reuse, where you can find solutions for living, in full respect of the environment, pursuing a philosophy of sustainable life.
Directed by Pietro Algranti, founded by Costanza Algranti in 1997, the workshop thinks about the future by recovering materials such as pallets and bridge boards, gutters and sheets made unique by natural oxidation, imagining what they could become and always following the idea of "leaving the material closer to how it is found".

Algranti LAB production is dedicated to custom-made projects, next to two collections: Large and Small, furniture and furnishing objects of different sizes and materials.

Via guglielmo Pepe 20 – Milano