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Visionnaire Live Show

Visionnaire presents the new Beauty 2020 collection during the June Design Week through 3 Live Shows. Watch the full episodes!

The live shows embrace three fundamental themes of the Brand’s path during the year, defining horizons of continuous evolution.

Art, Design & Uniqueness

What does Art & Luxury mean to Visionnaire?

A journey into Meta-Luxury: the new meaning of luxury that goes beyond the concept of just possession of precious goods but turns to objects that carry values, which can tell a story and remain in the time. And yet the challenge of Visionnaire to bring the language of uniqueness and creativity, typical of Art Design, in the retail channel. A design contaminated by art, introducing the collaboration with Draga&Aurel after the official presentation during Art Basel Miami of the “Pavone” project designed by Marc Ange.

The Ecosystem of Design

The new artisan “Renaissance”

Visionnaire’s attitude towards experimenting with materials and involving artists with almost a “Renaissance” personality for the method and the commitment made in the genesis and in the realization in the laboratory of their creations. Technological evolution and aesthetic innovation told through the products by Mauro Lipparini.

All the Beauty is yours

Style, Relation and Behavior at the center

The last Live show will be dedicated to the “one-of-a kind approach”. The brand’s ability to fulfill dreams of customers with tailored products and unique sets.
A philosophy of strong recognition of the brand codes and a Full Home Design approach that is based on the delicate relationship of intimacy and trust between the client and the Brand, testified through the products of Alessandro La Spada.

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