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Novacolor and the Joy Revolution

Colors will regenerate the world
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 In this moment of deep uncertainty, the only clear starting point is our relationship with nature. The human being must become aware and modify its relationship with the planet. Companies need to review their production systems. Novacolor has been at the forefront for years to create a new industrial approach in the decoration segment, based on the Mass Balance Approach, which replaces materials derived from fossil resources with renewable resources from the exploitation of biomass.

Novacolor is the first Italian company to obtain the REDcert2 certification, an important certificate in the industrial sector for those who invest in sustainable raw materials. Novacolor represents the Italian excellence, working for a sustainable future. Its color designers have always been committed to the research of new high-performance and innovative decorative effects, formulated in respect of the environment and the person.

When we talk about high quality decorative finishes, internationally recognized and loved, successful projects in the field of architecture, a production oriented towards sustainability and green approach, we are talking about the universe of Novacolor and its Joy Revolution.

Novacolor’s joyful revolution wants to restore harmony and balance inside and outside our living spaces. In this period where sharing spaces is difficult, The Joy Revolution refers to a new model of sociality, where the strong sense of belonging and sharing make us part of a bigger project that requires us to take care of ourselves again.

In this time where the world seems to be wrapped up in the spasmodic growth of consumption, without the awareness of the suffering that we are causing to the planet, the duty of every business, every institution and every citizen is to be the protagonist of the change necessary to bring the world back to its balance.

The Joy Revolution in the world of color becomes the search for a new production system that is more respectful of the environment, whose impact is minimal and which allows the community to benefit from high-performance and healthy products . 

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