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Unusual Living Rooms. Enlightened living by Fornasetti

From the perfect combination of linear design and a dreamlike decoration come five unusual living rooms, which will illuminate any space with boundless imagination
Barnaba Fornasetti
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Fornasetti presents the new "Unusual Living Rooms" collection, five different proposals for living spaces united by the rigorous restraint of their design and the imaginative fantasy that distinguishes the Atelier's decorations: Leopardo, Facciata quattrocentesca, Malachite, Soli a ventaglio and Solitari.     The decorated fabrics and the hand-finished structures make up five different sets for five different atmospheres.     Sofas, armchairs, and benches are complemented by tables, lamps, mirrors and other accessories that complete the large selection, endowing the living room with a sophisticated ambiance.
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Leopardo Living Room

With its colour palette reflecting the scent of the earth and the warmth of the sun, the Leopardo living room evokes natural atmospheres, faraway stories and echoes of travel.

Its clean design, enriched with realistic trompe-l'œil effects and the craftsman's attention to every single detail, restores a taste of naturally sophisticated elegance to any space.


Facciata Quattrocentesca Living Room

The Facciata Quattrocentesca living room combines the subtle geometry of classical Fornasetti architecture with highly contemporary colour combinations.

Geometrical rigour and colour effects are connected by an authorial style that brings unusual accents to any corner of the home.


Solitario Living Room

The creative insight behind the Solitario living room is hidden in the pages of two small handwritten booklets by Piero Fornasetti.

Unpublished drawings and handwritten messages come together in a black and white aesthetic that gives rooms an elegant atmosphere tinged with irresistible hints of irony.


Sole a ventaglio Living Room

Pop and illusion are the main inspirations of this living room, which combines age-old artisanal techniques with an aesthetic that is both timeless and contemporary.

The Sole a ventaglio living room brings a rich and intense vivacity to any space.


Malachite Living Room

The hypnotic beauty of decoration combines with the essential rigour of design to bring the new Malachite living room to life.

The pure lines of the furniture, the decorative patterns, and the hand-finished details create a magical corner of enchanting beauty.

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