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CRISTINA Rubinetterie presents: East Side angelettiruzza design | Cross Road CRISTINA Design Lab | Tabula angelettiruzza design

EAST SIDE by angelettiruzza design

A line that since its name recalls the industrial atmospheres and the mix of culture and lifestyles that from the lofts of New York in the 70s, thanks to the contamination of multidisciplinary artists and creatives, have then spread all over the world. A collection where the finishes, both chromatic and material, are an integral part of the project itself. The knurling, in particular, turns out to be not only a functional choice but also a deliberate expression of a material contrast, tactile even before visual, which allows the hand a physical experience, direct, almost "raw" in its essentiality. An experience that the designers have drawn from the world of mechanical tools, exalting the industrial characteristics of the products with finishes ranging from black brushed chrome to metallic brushed, from gold brass to black mat to an antique brass finish that further enriches the possibility of even more personal choices.

"The East Side series designed for CRISTINA Rubinetterie, is inspired by the entire American loft culture of New York. The words that inspired us to create the series are: humility, frankness, honesty. The choice of knurling was made not only to improve the grip and experience of touch but also the desire to create a contrast that feeds the physical experience, the concept of touch, the perception of the object." angelettiruzza design




CROSS ROAD finds its archetype in the series Exclusive of the Contemporary line, and is integrated in the offer of CRISTINA Rubinetterie with the aim of providing a more contemporary and aesthetically light product. The design intervention has focused on reducing the diameter, which makes the tap elegant and minimalist. A series composed of two-lever mixers for bath and shower/bathtub, equipped with handles that are aesthetically perfect and functional in use. The finishes range from chrome to black mat, from brushed rose gold, polished or yellow gold to black chrome and brushed metallic. The shapes of the mixer, ancient and reassuring in their traditional evocation, have been revisited in a modern key by CRISTINA Design Lab, the company's R&D area dedicated to the development of cutting-edge solutions and technologies.


TABULA by angelettiruzza design

In the creation of this mixer tap, the designers expressly speak of a reference to the austere beauty and sense of lightness and harmony that pervades Japanese aesthetics. There is a term that perhaps better than many others fully expresses these concepts, and it is iki, which the writer Kuki Shūzo brought to universal knowledge in his book The structure of iki in 1920. Here the concepts of "making light" find full correspondence with the work of subtraction that designers have performed on some elements of the mixer, in particular on the lever of the same, made almost dry, essential. A result obtained by eliminating the neck, which is normally combined with the lever. In this way, almost in contrast with the square shape of the mixer, the actual architecture of the product has changed, making the lever a two-dimensional element that surprises the hand in the act of holding it. Black, used since the preparatory sketches and in the prototype, has remained the basic colour of the project. A matt black that further underlines the incisiveness and purity of the lines.

“The essence of form and the essence of life are interconnected. Remove to purify, to free yourself of the superficial that only seems to satisfy but which in reality weighs down and conditions. TABULA, a new collection of taps and fittings, embodies the strength and intelligence of simplicity. Designed down to the smallest detail and crafted to function and last over time, it is the product of the manufacturing precision and technological expertise of CRISTINA rubinetterie”.       angelettiruzza design


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Showroom CRISTINA Brera, Via Pontaccio 8/10 Milano

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