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Acerbis: a pioneer with 150 years of expertise and a new, exciting chapter ahead

The new creative direction of Francesco Meda and David Lopez Quincoces, and the rediscovery of the brand's historical icons

One of the most enduring furniture companies in Italy, Acerbis stands as a connoisseur’s benchmark of Italian design — a pioneer with 150 years of expertise, whose continual search for modernity has produced creations of stunning innovation. Today that mission continues with fresh vigor thanks to the acquisition from industry leader MDF Italia, and with newly appointed creative directors Francesco Meda and David Lopez Quincoces, affirming the brand’s family-led lineage of cutting-edge vision with a universe of designs that unite function and the avant-garde.

First founded in 1870 by Benvenuto Acerbis in Bergamo’s Valle Seriana, by the 1960s, Lodovico Acerbis introduced cutting-edge industrial production and collaborations with some of Italy’s most trailblazing designers. Today Acerbis continues with the family’s fourth generation, brand ambassador Enrico Acerbis.

Imbued with precision production and a finely-honed heritage in high craftsmanship, Acerbis innovated creative solutions for contemporary living spaces, creating the vanguard in modern modular furnishings with designers’ reimaginings of credenzas, cabinets, and storage pieces. From high-quality lacquers to specialized closures to vanguard uses of materials, the company used experimentation and industrialization to forge its DNA of Italian ingenuity for a future-gazing clientele. With the acquisition from MDF Italia that began in 2019, Acerbis is reinforced for the global market, and the two brands, complementary pillars of Italian design, stand to grow together while maintaining their diverse positioning, target audience, and distinctive design identity.

Francesco Meda and David Lopez Quincoces, the new creative directors of Acerbis, have united their well-proven strengths in industrial design and architecture, and their considerable career accomplishments, to invigorate the future of design at Acerbis. With a visionary sense of the contemporary and a passion for the history of design, the pair have commenced a reawakening of Acerbis’ archives, relaunching fresh versions of creations whose modernity remains progressive even today. The collection will be officially presented in September, with a press preview in July. 

Each archive design was carefully chosen by Meda and Lopez Quincoces to highlight an era of iconic experimentation, and to create a forward-looking survey of Acerbis’ beautifully useful icons: a foundation grounded in the potent heritage of this pace-setting brand to commence a new chapter of Acerbis.


Text by Laura Rysman

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