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The future space for Tecno

Redesigning the future of the future work
In keeping with its mission of “Redesigning the future of the future work”, Tecno has anticipated the future and is ready for the changes ahead: it has become vital for spaces to be divided up and connected, environments constantly monitored, workstations reorganised and furniture reconfigured. The brand is facing this evolution thanks to its product know-how and its innovative technologies, but it has also implemented solutions that accommodate the latest safety recommendations.  
With the need to review the concept of open plan, by redesigning workplaces to guarantee social distancing without dividing people up, Tecno partitions offer the chance to update the layout according to changes in protocols or requirements through super-technological systems, which guarantee transparency, superior acoustic performance, as well as easy set-up and cleaning.
In the new workplaces, even the workstations have been restyled to be configured simply and accommodate all future spatial reorganisation to encourage new forms of collaboration: Tecno furniture is designed to include a host of customisation possibilities and to be comfortable even in desk-sharing situations.  
The technological core of Tecno has become the strategic tool to make new spaces safe and secure: the IO.T Solutions company, which is part of the group, developed the DINA Connecting Spaces platform to turn places of business into smart buildings. This software is designed to monitor accesses and personnel movements, to enable the controlled occupation of workstations, to optimise functions and guarantee the management of spaces with a view to sharing resources and focus on the overall welfare of workers.  
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The future workspace

Workplaces are being renewed, codes are changing and so are the ways workplaces are used: Tecno has imagined these scenarios and has designed efficient, responsive and at the same time welcoming furniture, because spaces should always be people-centric. 

When we enter the ideal building we no longer come across “our” office, since any office could be ours; settings are now shared and workstations need to be customisable. Clavis is the system of desks that can be directly reconfigured manually and tool-free, in a simple and straightforward manner to accommodate all possible future developments. In fact, spaces need to be super-flexible and require dimensional, organisational and logistical upgrades, which are possible thanks to the speedy assembly afforded by the W80, W40, WE partitions which are transparent and break down the structural aspect, guaranteeing a bright, clean-cut environment, accommodating all the partitioning and sanitising requirements and they adapt with the utmost freedom of design.

The new workplaces accommodate nomadic personnel, providing for remote collaborations and moments of collective sharing, and Beta is a genuine “organism” born with a logic of generating space: with the same overall dimensions as a traditional system, it allows a layout that creates an individual area while respecting distances yet stimulating teamwork. 
Work thus develops into super-accessorised “plug and play” micro-environments, which are integrated and connected thanks to io.T technology designed to recognise people and data. So we will be surrounded by intelligence, but not just digitally: Vela seats are also responsive, and are perfect for desk-sharing situations because they automatically adapt their comfort and posture to accommodate the user’s specific weight.


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