WORTH Partnership Project: at the hearth of European creativity and innovation


Three calls for proposals and 152 winning projects involving 346 partners from 34 countries in Europe: these are the numbers of WORTH Partnership Project, a four-year programme funded by COSME, the European Union Programme for the competitiveness of businesses and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), devoted to promote transnational collaborations between designers, creatives, manufacturing companies (SMEs) and tech firms in order to develop innovative and design-driven products.

A long and compelling path, supported by WORTH Partnership Project encouraging the winning partnerships through financial support, a tailor-made coaching and market-positioning by international experts and consultants, intellectual property rights assistance, networking activities and the attendance at 2 international exhibitions to showcase the developed products or prototypes.

From organic chairs to glassware derived from special waste, from new leather coming from fish to illustrated children’s clothing enriched with augmented reality and app interactions and much more: the winning projects reveals that circular economy, recycling, sustainability, high performance materials and a pervasive use of technology confirm at the heart of creativity and vision experienced by the new generations of European designers.

In particular, the 63 winning projects of the Second Call of the WORTH Partnership Project involving 144 partners from 24 European countries, will share the results of their projects every day on FuoriSalone TV at 12:00 PM. The protagonists will also be available at the same time on Zoom to answer questions, curiosities and exchange experiences with the participants.

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