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Search me!: Artificial intelligence provides an even better Architonic search experience.


‘Seek and ye shall find’ goes the old saying. Indeed, it’s Architonic’s very raison d’etre. As the world’s leading premium product search tool for A&D professionals, we’re in the business of connecting architects and others with the right products, materials and brands. And we are now pleased to announce two new search functionalities that will take your professional research to the next level.

Visual search

They say you shouldn’t judge based on looks, but who are they kidding? Our new AI-powered image-based search functionality allows an even more inspiring means of discovering new products.

There are two options here. The first is to see visually similar products to the one you selected on, or alternatively, you can upload your own product image (or even a sketch) and be presented with a visual analysis of our entire product library.

Advanced search

Relevant search results on are now presented more quickly, making a better use of your precious time, via a series of combinable filters that refine your initial text-based search.

Enter your search term (e.g. ‘dining chair’) and you’ll be presented with a series of helpful filters like manufacturer, year of launch, designer, product group and country, which can be selected to sharpen your search outcome.

So, there you have it. Architonic’s new search functionalities are just the latest innovation in our drive to remain the global A&D community’s number-one research partner. You can count on us.

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