The Climate Limbo
Climate change and migrations. “We are just one piece of the puzzle. We are not almighty.”
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Screened on 17/06/2020.

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The Climate Limbo is a documentary that explores the links between climate change and migrations. Funded by The European Union, produced by Italian NGO Cambalache, Consorzio ONG Piemontesi, Dueotto Film, and Frame, Voice, Report!, the film is a documentary written and directed by Elena Brunello, Paolo Caselli, and Francesco Ferri. After months of research the crew strated to interview some of the most prominent scholars and experts on the topic together with a group of climate refugees from the South of the world and a group of European farmers whose acitivity is always more often affected by climate change. The message that The Climate Limbo conveys is that climate change affects everybody: the rich and the poor. It is not an “exotic” issue of Africa or a problem belonging to some far away Pacific island striving with sea- level rise. Climate change affects us all: from the glaciers of the Alps, to the fertile lands of Central Europe, to the hurricane-struck American states, to the Himalayas.



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A documentary by: Elena Brunello, Paolo Caselli, Francesco Ferri.
Genre: Documentary
Runtime: 40 mins
Country of Production: Italy
Language: Italian, English
Subtitles: English, Italian
Produced by: Cambalache, Frame,Voice,Report!, The European Union, Consorzio ONG Piemontesi,
Dueotto Film.
Festival Awards: Special Mention at The 22nd Environmental Film Festival