Brands Marimar

Each pattern of natural stone is identical only to itself — and this is the reason why this material never ceases to amaze. At Marimar, we channel that feature, unique to marble, to turn spaces into emotions.

Since 1995, our company is specialized in the sourcing, supply, production and manufacturing of high-end marble, granite, agglomerates, and natural stones. Thanks to our knowledge and network, we assist our customers with continuous support and advice from start to finish — and beyond. 

To make this happen, we rely on our 20 year-long expertise in procurement, manufacturing know-how, and design, as well as on the collaboration with the finest architects and designers. Because, when it comes to stone, what truly makes the difference is the craftsmanship of turning creative ideas into actual products.

Registered Office:
Via Pegrosse 508/D
Volargne di Dolcé 37020 Verona, Italy
t. +39 045 773 2288 | f. +39 045 773 2199
VAT.N. 02634540237

Corporate Office – Showroom:
Via Passaggio Napoleone 67
Sant’Ambrogio di Valpolicella, 37015, Verona, Italy
t. +39 045 773 2288 | f.  +39 045 773 2199


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