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Founded in 2010 by Mylene Scotto, Georges is a creative laboratory of rough and minimalist decoration objects. Each object is thought and created in the prototype by Mylene Scotto, the raw materials are locals or chosen in the fuction of their uniqueness (ancient kimonos from Japan, nettle fiber fabrics from the islands of the Pacific Ocean). All objects are handmade in our laboratory, which a production team of 20 people, although we send an average of 200 objects per week worldwide, they are manufactured one by one, with extreme attention to details, precision of gesture and respect for the material.

The birth of each new object is always associated with the discovery of a new material, to the different processing techniques, from the flexibility of the different types of rattan, to the different techniques of brass brushing, from the painting of our fabrics and the mixture of different color pigments,  the fusion of the steel and the fixation in its different states. The essence of George is raw, simple and minimalist, always careful to emphasize the warmth and natural beauty of the raw material, the knots of wood, the thick textures of a fabric. The design and techniques of artisanal production are therefore at the service of the exaltation of the intrinsic properties of each material to highlight its imperfections.

For our old collections we were inspired by the reinterpretation of the plant environment: linen threads and simplified patterns of leaves... During this exploration of the natural and respecting the latter, we decided to drastically decrease our impact on the environment and to use only green paintings, glues and paints, to remain as possible consistent with what we consider the common thread of all our objects.

Chateau de Méritein

Route des Platanes - 64190 Méritein

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