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Rexa Design thinks about the bathroom as a complete concept. From furniture to accessories that make it unique. From bathtubs to wall coverings that perfectly integrate to create a space in which to feel good, especially designed to experience moments of peace and escape from the daily routine. A place where the physical and visual well-being of the person is the goal of a continuous research for functional solutions and constant attention to detail.

The artisan approach combined with the deep knowledge of technologies and materials, the high level of product customization, the passion for sharing and the experience gained over the years: these are the values ​​that allow Rexa Design to create a relationship with the designer to turn ideas and technical solutions into truly unique design projects. The study of the materials used - including Corian®, clays, mortars, stones - makes us perceive the sensoriality of the environment around us and the extraordinary possibility of being able to adapt it according to our needs, changing dimensions, proportions, shapes and colors, to fully satisfy our personal taste.

A complete environment, which also opens up to the other spaces of the house.

An environment to live, to experience. 

Rexa Design, the space to feel.

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Via Maniago, 57/a
33080 San Quirino (PN)

+39 0434 593182
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