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Creating real settings, custom designed using timeless objects is what Pianca aspires to do, producing systems and furniture for homes and contract since 1956.


Furniture makers for generations, the Piancas have passed down their wood-crafting secrets and their passion for this material. The Veneto company's products are inspired by solid values cultivated over time: attention to detail, selection of materials, the muted sophistication of the combinations and respect for the environment.


Custom, made-to-measure solutions allow Pianca to meet the needs of a lifestyle that hinges on flexibility, mobility and change. Emilio Nanni, Aldo Cibic, Xavier Lust, Odo Fioravanti and Calvi Brambilla are some of the designers chosen by Pianca to create their collections.


The durability of a product is the key to its sustainability and this is why Pianca is committed to creating timeless furniture, produced in response to real needs.


Caring for the environment starts with the choice of raw materials, and traceability along the entire production chain, and continued efforts to improve manufacturing performance, reduce consumption and minimise waste.


The tradition that binds Pianca to the culture of wood grows stronger every day in the selection of the finest raw materials: the brand, that obtained the FSC® Chain of Custody certification, uses only wood sourced from certified forests with controlled logging to combat deforestation, and panels with no toxic adhesives.


Pianca has been using only compliant, fully-recyclable, eco-friendly packaging for years, produced using 100% recycled materials, with an electronic object-scanning system for maximum reduction in packaging. In 2011, the company installed a photovoltaic system capable of meeting the company's total energy demand. 4,347 panels generate a 11 MWp power output for an overall capacity of more than 1 GW (1,150,000 KWh). Switching to solar power along with recycling processing waste to generate heat energy has allowed Pianca to reach the important milestone of relying on renewable energy 100%.


In December 2020, the company inaugurated its flagship store in Green Pea - the first Green Retail Park in the world, in Turin - presenting for the occasion Calatea Green: the re-edition of the armchair designed in 2017 by Cristina Celestino, entirely redesigned in its materials and formal expression, according to the circular economy rules.

Pianca s.p.a
Via dei Cappellari, 20
31018 – Gaiarine, Treviso (TV)
Italia / Italy


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