Unox, world leader in the production of professional ovens 100% Made in Italy, launches for the first time a brand for the residential market: Unox Casa.


Unox Casa does not simply enter a new market, rather it creates a new product category: the SuperOven. The Unox Model 1 is the only oven for home use featuring the same technology and performance as the professional ovens used in the starred restaurants, while redesigned to fit the most beautiful kitchens in the world. Designed to command attention and dedicated to those who seek excellence in every aspect of life.


The SuperOven sets a new benchmark in speed, reliability and cooking quality. The digital interface is easy and intuitive allowing you to set automatically more than 500 recipes with a simple touch of the touch display. Its powerful integrated hood filters the air and eliminates cooking odors, and the automatic washing system ensures maximum oven cleaning, without any effort.


The exclusive Cook Like a Chef digital platform connects SuperOven’s owners with Unox top chefs who will guide them to discover the world of haute cuisine. The service includes video on demand, live masterclasses and the Personal Cooking Trainer, a dedicated chef who will accompany the customers step by step in the creation of unique dishes that only SuperOven allows you to cook.

Via E. Majorana 22,

35010 Cadoneghe (PD)

+39 049 736 1209
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