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Boero is in unison with the family that established the company and has run it for nearly two centuries. It all began in 1831, when Bartolomeo Boero set up the small white lead factory that under his guidance became a benchmark producer of paint products for the building industry by the early twentieth century.



Boero Group regards sustainability as a key value and a long-term investment in development that respects human and local resources, with a special focus on future generations. Environmental, health and safety regulations are becoming more stringent every day, but Boero Group sees them as another opportunity to improve for its customers and consumers. As a result, sustainability is approached from the perspective of both products and processes:

• Ongoing improvement of production process efficiency;

• Scrupulous attention to the environment in every stage, from factory to point of sale;

• Preferential choice of high-performance, state-of-the-art raw materials with traceable provenance (local or Italian if possible);

• Development of innovative water emulsionbased products with low environmental impact and minimal emissions of volatile organic compounds;

• Implementation of application cycles that make an active contribution to energy saving in buildings;

• Durability of coatings and paints;

• Studies on the effect of colour on living comfort;

• Introduction of tools and instruments that reduce the physical strain required from operators;

• Introduction of innovative accident prevention and safety at work solutions.



Light and colour are Italy’s gift to the world and Boero is the brand that more than any other has embodied the country’s excellence in colour throughout almost two hundred years of history. As today’s world tends increasingly to standardise lifestyles and consumption, the brand identity expressed by Boero reveals its unique value. It is a value built not only on technical expertise and research, but also on the real possibility, offered to everyone, to express their own feelings and personality in their home environment. Colour is how we define ourselves as individuals and express our sense of taste. Colour sets no limits in expressing who we are, how we feel and what we imagine. A colour specialist in the Italian tradition, Boero supports freedom of colour, in all its forms, with passion and ongoing experimentation.


Via G macaggi , 19 16121 genova – italy

010 55001
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