Brands Elli&Rini

An atelier of ideas that, in constant openness and dialogue with professionals and visionaries devoted to the search for beauty and the new, gives life to innovative solutions in which design and technology meet to be at the service of people and the world.

Elli&Rini represents the meeting of two histories.
The history of the Foiadelli family, generations of engineers, entrepreneurs and industrialists: the ingenuity, passion and pragmatism of people used to transforming ideas into technological solutions.
The history of the Vaccarini family, a history of the Italian artistic and intellectual tradition that has crossed the 20th century to reach the 21st century, reinterpreting the aesthetic and ethical vision of the figurative and musical arts through the interpretation of technology.

In 1999 these two stories met and from their subsequent union, in life and work, Elli&Rini lives and draws inspiration.

Piazza Otto Novembre 1917, 6 20129 Milan, ITALY


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