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The story of Lapalma is a story of a family, of hard work and, above all, passion. Insight, determination, know-how and a passion as impenetrable as metal, a material that the company has been skilfully processing for over thirty years and that it combines with wood, hide, fabrics and other innovative materials to give shape to furnishing elements with timeless clear-cut lines.

In 1980, the brothers Dario and Romano Marcato set up their own business to create a company, in Cadoneghe near Padova, which immediately began to select natural and recyclable materials.

Year after year, by introducing new materials and investing in state-of-the-art machinery, Lapalma has specialised in producing furniture for the contract segment.

The company’s partnerships with internationally renowned designers gave rise to products that are a perfect combination of design and aesthetic appeal: chairs, tables, lounge chairs and stools - such as the iconic LEM, designed, in 2000, by Shin+Tomoko Azumi – allowing the company to become part of international projects, from hotels to stores, museums and airports, and receive various acknowledgements.

In 2010, we inaugurated our current headquarters: 14,500 sq.m of fluid, bright spaces powered by solar energy. All our products, 67 families and 250 items, are created here and then distributed to 81 countries.

Since 2013, under the guidance of Francesco Rota, the company’s art director, we have been looking to the future with the same energy: the purely Italian nature of products has been strengthened and new colours and softness introduced. With a wider range of products, new design worlds have been explored and new markets targeted. In 2019 Lapalma created its own outdoor furniture collection to explore a dynamic and growing segment.

Lapalma for Architects, Milano 
Via Gorani, Milano, MI

riviera - creative space, Milano
Via Gorani, Milano, MI

Lapalma HQ, Padova
via Majorana, 26 Cadoneghe PD


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