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Iris Ceramica Group is a world-leading creative developer, manufacturer and distributor of upmarket ceramic slabs for use as wall coverings and floors and as decorative elements in residential, commercial and industrial settings. The Group regards its talents as integral to its identity of bringing fine Italian craftsmanship to the world.

With an extensive distribution network and nine production facilities spread throughout Europe and the United States, Iris Ceramica Group has a presence in over 100 countries worldwide, offering a wide range of solutions for architecture and interior design, from contracting to wellness, from hospitality to large public construction projects.

More than 1,500 people contribute actively each day to the success of the Group, which boasts eight main brands and a comprehensive system of internal divisions, designed to ensure a high standard of quality, together with effective, complete assistance. Iris Ceramica Group is a highly dynamic organization driven by the vision of its founder and chairman, Romano Minozzi, and the boldness of its new creations.

Each day the Group's brands continue their founder's efforts, designing new features, year in and year out, that ensure its products remain unique in a highly competitive market. It owes its success to the perfect balance between prestigious brands with a long history such as Iris Ceramica, FMG Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti and young, high-potential brands such as Sapienstone, which target the high end of the market, offering next generation ceramic surfaces that seamlessly blend design and technology.

Iris Ceramica Group has always been committed to promote the culture of ceramic products in the landscape architecture world.

The exhibition spaces of our brands aren’t just a simple showroom where people can see and touch products, but it has become a place to enjoy and appreciate the quality of our materials.

The spaces are made to satisfy professionals but also people who just simply enjoy architecture, design and new materials. Furthermore, the exhibition spaces host national and international events with people from all over the world, linking everyone to the world of architecture, design, communication and art.

We have established many collaborations and partnerships with both Italian and foreign important universities and training institutes.

We hold international contests focusing on the relationship between people, architecture and land, encouraging responsible construction to protect our environment in the present and the future.


We invest almost 10% of our annual revenues in research and development, because we believe nothing is more important than “looking beyond”; innovation is not just an ideal for us, but the focus of our corporate strategy.

Our collections are the utmost expression of our corporate know-how, combining research into new combinations of materials with the capacity to come up with innovative styles and functions.

This approach has allowed us to develop revolutionary technologies in-house, such as Active Surfaces, an ambitious research project permitting creation of self-cleaning, anti-bacterial, anti-pollution and anti-odour ceramic surfaces.

This outstanding result is implemented in terms of efficiency and performance every year through the incessant work of a dedicated team with the support of Milan University, making a significant contribution to improving people’s quality of life.

In response to the growing need for customisation and the demand for truly unique products, we have launched DESIGN YOUR SLABS, a new ultra-high resolution digital imprinting system permitting on-demand customisation of ceramic surfaces. Optical effects, pop art, geometric patterns, inclusion of precious metals such as gold, silver and platinum: every little detail finds the utmost definition in porcelain surfaces, creating a unique surface covering that is the fruit of the client’s own personal ideas.

A new technology to change the way we dress spaces and open up new possibilities for interior design!

Sede Centrale

Via Ghiarola Nuova, 119

41042 Fiorano Modenese (MO)



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