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Simone Guidarelli® for Officinarkitettura®

Simone Guidarelli for Officinarkitettura®

Simone Guidarelli’s creative force embraces us again and accompanies us through his journey around design. The adventure involves Officinarkittetura, a young brand from Emilia Romagna that specializes in wallcovering and coating projects and productions. Both are Made in Italy, but with an international touch, they share constant values and passions regarding aesthetics and bespoke productions, always careful to details and personal needs. The founders of Officinarkitettura, Andrea Bernagozzi and Giorgio Buratti, create contaminations through collaborations with artists, stylists, designers and architects, creating a high quality and technological product.  

From the Oriental Express and Safari collections, Simone Guidarelli’s patterns donate energy and beauty that dress spaces: the innovative solutions proposed by Officinarikitettura, from the hand-painted Kerlite® slabs that maintain unvaried the shining colours and the shades of the decorative motives, to the wallpaper made with non-woven vinylic, or ecologic wallpaper, in  vinyl or non-woven paper, with a matte aspect, passing by the Fiberglass + Waterproof coating system with a great resistance or the Acustic clothes that perfection the quality of the acoustics, the prints follow each other with fluidity, inviting the bystanders to let go and follow a pressing and contemporary flow. 

Simone Guidarelli’s desire is to celebrate an intense life and dare in a romantic way, mixing and matching fashion, poetry, storytelling and lifestyle. Borders between surfaces are dismantled, while following the expert flight of the heron in Wings of Water, the romantic gorillas in King of the Roses, the exotic flowers and the birds of paradise in Secret Garden, remaining trapped in the bewitching Damask textures and the antique Japanese embroideries from the 20’s in Tree of Life. 

Officinarkitettura’s coatings are adaptable to different environments and have measurements that can be personalized, conceptualized to imagine anywhere they are versatile all around the interior, but also “outside”, creating if necessary, a unique space between the interior and the exterior: far from minimalism, the desire of experimenting and giving shape to personal taste emerges with new techniques especially if careful to sustainability. 


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