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Living Dante Alighieri in Capolago 12

Remigio Architects create a connection between two different spaces, a home and an office. A tailor-made design for an event themed "the Divine Comedy". Here we present Capolago 12

In honor of the 700 years since the death of the great poet and with the collaboration of artists like Marco Brienza, Camilla Carzaniga and MAF Studio, we find an experiential path that conceals precise stylistic choices in the renovation of a "terraced" house of the 1930s which, by distributing itself vertically, has made its lines the perfect location for setting up Dante's three circles. This is Capolago 12, a combination of artistic and architectural elements that gives shape to an event of interest both for architects, designers and professionals, as well as for lovers of art, visual languages ​​and classical literature.

A short distance away we find Plinio 73, an Exhibit Building, designed by Remigio Architects itself, which, like a dark forest or middle ground, sets up, together with Interexpo, an exhibition space designed and set up to present its partners including Airlite, CFF Filiberti, Porfido Pedretti, Campiello Academy and many others.

Thus was born "Living Dante Alighieri: because the straight path was lost". Just outside the Porta Venezia area and not far from the conventional paths of the Design Week, Remigio Archtects' invitation is to get lost in a residential Milan, a place rich in Art Nouveau architecture and a hub of cultural movements and activities that have hosted the residences of numerous artists and architects. 

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Discover the Dark Forest in Plinio 73

In Plinio73, Dante's dark forest is articulated as a collective representation of exhibition corners of the partners of "Abitare Dante" project.

A succession of installations by companies from the world of design and construction inside the new Interexpo Exhibit Building, specially renovated to celebrate its 50th anniversary.

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