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Atlas Concorde shines a spotlight on 3D wall tiles with 3D Wall Carve

Premiering at Design Week in Milan, the collection of 3D wall tiles that combines craftsmanship and design.

Inspired by natural earthy and tactile stone, 3D Wall Carve revisits and expands the 3D Wall Design series giving rise to a new look for the three-dimensional wall tile, moving from macro and geometric structures to natural themes that recall stones sculpted and worked by hand.
The material of reference is a stone with a minimal texture, traversed by slight traces left by weather and time.

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Craftsmanship at the service of technology

Amplify the smallest details sculpted into the surface to achieve a harmonious look, produce a feel that recalls the slight roughness of stone, reduce the reflection of light by making the surface a bit more opaque: these were the objectives that prompted Atlas Concorde's research department first to develop a special glaze that didn't drown out the minutiae of the details and then to identify an application technique that allowed for perfect adhesion and a pleasant touch without covering every small detail. An aspect that conveys a suggestion of pleasantness and invites you to touch the surface, to appreciate its texture not only with your eyes but also with your hands.

Decorative backdrops with 3D wall tiles

The structure has a delicate, compact graphic imprint with impalpable impressions and an almost monochrome tone with delicate shading.

The effect of natural stone comes to life in the dynamic shifting of lights and shadows on the natural shades chosen for the background: White, Ivory, and Pearl. Carvings animate the surface, creating different textures: 3D Chisel is distinguished by its horizontal stripes inspired by combed concrete; 3D Leaf expresses a particular artistic character with its chiseled foliage design; 3D Whittle overlaps distinct horizontal reliefs with the softness of a dynamic ribbon motif.

The minimalist style of Piero Lissoni.

To complete the 3D Wall Carve range Atlas Concorde renewed its partnership with Piero Lissoni. Inspired by the suggestions of manual craftsmanship, the Italian designer developed two capsule products that further enrich the collection's design potential. The irregular surface of 3D Sign conveys the visual vibrations of a textile material, while 3D Squares reworks the lines of the most precious mosaics in a full-field decorative element.

"The concept of these two textures, 3D Sign and 3D Squares, stems from a desire to transfer the material expression of engravings and manual craftsmanship to the world of ceramic tiles. The three-dimensional surface brings out the minimalist graphics as well as effects of lights and shadows, while the often irregular design conveys an artisanal allure despite the hyper-industrial process behind it." – Piero Lissoni

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Atlas Concorde Studio Milano,
Via San Marco 12, Milan

+39 02 6291 2661

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