TÈC Forum Turismo è Cultura 15 aprile 2021

Towards a new paradigm of cultural production and fruition
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C Forum - Tourism is Culture. towards a new paradigm of cultural production and fruition will be held on Thursday 15 April.

The Forum will see the alternation of speakers in four thematic panels, whose common theme will be the integrated restart of the tourism sector by means of the driving forces of culture and design.

The event will be moderated by Patrizio Roversi, television presenter of the TV programmes Slow Tour - Italiani non per caso and Slow Tour Padano, among others.

First Round Table 9:30 - 11:30  Nature and Tradition: The agri-food sector and culture asstrategic assets for future tourism

  • Ettore Prandini, National President Coldiretti
  • Luca Borriello, INWARD Director, Urban Creativity Observatory
  • Alessandro Vecchiato, Co-founder of Punta Conterie in Venice
  • Andrea Colombini, Conductor and Founder of the Festival "Puccini e la sua Lucca".


Second Table 11:30 - 13:00 From welcome to experience: Safety, health and well-being at the heart of the tourism sector

  • Giuseppe Roma, Vice-President of Touring Club Italiano
  • Stefano Sist, Colle Mayor project
  • Federico Pisanty, Borgo Office project manager
  • Milly De Mori, Founder & CEO No Gods No Masters Cycling


Third Table 14:30 - 16:00  Digital experience for new forms of cultural tourism

  • Paolo Bettio, CEO Venis
  • Anthony La Salandra, Director of Risposte Turismo
  • Federica Di Nardo, Travel Blogger


Fourth Table 16:00 - 18:00  Territories, Businesses and Communities: Indispensable protagonists for the development of sustainable and circular tourism

  • Umberta Gnutti Beretta, Entrepreneur involved in the development of "Floating Piers".
  • Edoardo Monti, Founder and Director of Palazzo Monti
  • Umberto Angelini, Superintendent and Artistic Director of the Teatro Grande Foundation of Brescia
  • Manuel Gabriele, Director of Visit Brescia
  • Claudio Palvarini, coordinator Circuito Lombardo Musei Design


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