Designers Petra Salarić



Petra Salarić is a researcher and designer. who recently graduated in Industrial Design Engineering from the Delft University of Technology. She is passionate about combining design and psychology for a better quality of life. Design has the power to affect the subconscious process in our daily lives and influence us to lead a more fulfilling and healthy life. How do products and surrounding subconsciously affect people's behaviour? How can we turn mundane experiences into meaningful ones? How can the simplest act create a big effect on our well-being? 

The fooda brand was created to present the food sharing experience as trendy, while simultaneously strengthening the sense of community and mutual care within the community. The fooda brand consists of a shopping bag and a mobile application. The fooda bag comes in a combination of two colors and has a small window shaped like a post stamp and designed for sharing messages between the users. The fooda app enables giving the food away, accepting the food, and volunteering to deliver food to those in need, who are not (physically) able to do so themselves.

Nation: Croatia

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