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It all started in a small laboratory in the historical centre of the Italian town of Piacenza during the late 1980’s.
Davide Groppi was inventing and producing his first lamps and decided simply to use his own name for the name of the company.
Creative independence and passionate, unconventional management have allowed him, over time, to develop his own brand of original and unique products, currently distributed the world over.
Simplicity, weightlessness, emotion, creative invention and amazement are the fundamental components of each lamp or lighting project designed by Davide Groppi. Davide Groppi creations come about through the need to give life to something that is necessary or significant.
The things that inspire these ideas are works of art, ready-made objects, magic, the desire to make things with his hands or simply the urge to play and have fun with light.
Light, for Davide Groppi, is a wonderful way to seduce and excite. He has always worked with a faithful group of collaborators, who share his vision and help him to develop ideas and bring them to fruition.
Over the course of many years, Davide Groppi has developed products and shows in collaboration with companies specialising in design. There have been many international projects the world over, including the illumination of houses, stores and museums.
Davide Groppi has been particularly active in the area of hospitality (hotels and restaurants). Some of the most famous chefs have chosen lighting solutions by Davide Groppi for their venues, including Albert Adrià, Massimo Bottura, Massimiliano Alajmo, Moreno Cedroni, Carlo Cracco, Gennaro Esposito, Giancarlo Perbellini, Ciccio Sultano and others.
Davide Groppi has been recognised for excellence by the press and received prestigious awards, including the Edida Award, in 2011, for the Sampei lamp; the Design Plus Award, in 2014, for the Neuro lamp; the two awards at the 23rd edition of the ADI Compasso d’Oro Awards for the Nulla lamp and for the Sampei lamp; the 24th edition of the ADI Compasso D’Oro Mention of Honour Award for rechargeable battery lamp TeTaTeT. 

Davide Groppi srl
Via Belizzi 22 – 20/A
29122 Piacenza (PC)

Nation: Italy
Birth date: 19/08/1963
(57 years old)
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