Beat Counterfeits! Register your design

Register your design, stop the manufacturing and sale of counterfeits and exploit your idea as an intangible asset: let intellectual property firm SIB take care of it.

Counterfeiting figures have been on the rise for years. US and Italian enterprises are the hardest hit by the phenomenon of counterfeiting and piracy which is now worth as much as 2.5% of worldwide trade and 5% of imports into the European Union (OECD figures).

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How to fight back? Start by registering your design

Design registration is low-cost and confers exclusive rights on the product’s visible features, offering a simple and cheap defence against counterfeits.

Design registration allows the registration’s owner to:
- stop the manufacturing, sale and importation of imitations
- exploit the design as an intangible and saleable asset
- benefit from the Italian Patent box fiscal regime

Over 1.2 million design registrations were applied for globally in the year 2017 alone (WIPO figures).

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About us

SIB Società Italiana Brevetti is among the most highly rated Italian intellectual property firms. We specialise in the protection and enforcement of designs, utility models and copyrights, trademarks and patents worldwide.

Our clients include many creative intensive enterprises, in particular in the design furniture industry.

What we do

We file applications for the protection of designs, utility models, trademarks, patents.

We devise strategies for the management and exploitation of intellectual property rights, providing assistance on all aspects involved.

We enforce intellectual property rights worldwide, providing legal advice and assistance on counterfeiting, usurpation, unfair competition and any related issue.

Our staff includes fully qualified design and patent attorneys with degrees in all main areas of technology, fully qualified trademark attorneys and intellectual property law experts.

The specialised attorneys at law of SIBLEX law firm represent our clients in litigation before Italian and European Union courts of law.

Find out more about design registration.
It’s simple!

Get the essential facts in our guide

Or just ask us any question directly.

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