Unno: a virtual gallery dedicated to Latin American design

Founded by Maria Dolores Uribe and Laura Abe Vettoretti, it spotlights the craftsmanship, skills and techniques of Latin American artisans.


From the spanish word "uno", in 2019 Unno was born, a curatorial project that is the result of the synergy between the two founders María Dolores Uribe and Laura Abe Vettoretti, as well as between art and design, classicism and modernity, historical and cultural significance.



Unno refers to the idea that Latin American peoples share a rich artistic and creative heritage, which binds them in one great cultural history. The aim of the project is to enhance this heritage by contextualising it in modern forms of art and collectible design, highlighting the majesty, skills and techniques of Latin American craftsmanship



Unno today launches the first digital exhibition space, which defies geographical boundaries to engage with an international audience and celebrate contemporary Latin American design. The art and design pieces, which strictly represent the gallery's values, can be viewed on the project's official website. The beautiful photographs show the pieces in context at 32 General Prim, an early 20th century villa in Mexico City. The courtyard-stage, with its double height and vegetation that is an integral part of the place, fits well with the mysterious and poetic aura that characterizes Unno's collections and unique pieces




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