IKEA's new collection crosses the line between art and design

Five creatives from all over the world sign a capsule collection combining accessible art and democratic design.


IKEA Art Event 2021 is a line of home accessories conceived as objects of art to be used every day, to combine aesthetics and functionality, art and design that have always been in dialogue with each other.
IKEA offers a capsule collection of ten limited edition pieces, available in stores online from April, created in collaboration with five creatives from the international scene. 

"We chose to work with artists from different parts of the world to show the diversity of their approach, demonstrating how each of them can apply their ingenuity to different fields. The idea that art is for the few and design is part of mass culture no longer makes sense," says Henrik Most, Creative Leader of IKEA Art Event.

Stefan Marx signs a vase and a plaid: the former with black capital letters and the latter, inspired by his paintings, with the inscription "I wait here for you forever as long as it takes".



Sabine Marcelis is inspired by the works of Lucio Fontana and has created a wall light available in two different sizes.


The Japanese collective Gelchop designs a table lamp and a torch with unusual geometries, reminiscent of the classic IKEA allen key.


Humans Since 1982, on the other hand, offers wall decorations with miniature drones placed under glass, rather like rare collectible insects.


Daniel Arsham, known for his works inspired by drapery, creates a plastic wall clock wrapped in a "flying" sheet.


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