Brands Loulé Criativo

'Loulé Criativo' is an initiative aimed at enhancing and promoting the identity of this Algarve municipality. The driving forces behind the initiative are creativity and innovation. The project supports the training and activity of artisans and other people working in the creative sector, helping to revitalise the traditional arts and crafts and dynamise new approaches to the areas intangible heritage.

The aim of this project by Loulé Municipal Council is to provide a series of services to residents and visitors that will afford:

adequate and upto-date training in the traditional arts and crafts; continuous innovation in the products and the working processes of professional creators; conditions for research in the field of arts and crafts and related topics; business and setup support geared specifically towards meeting the needs of artisans and people working in the creative sector; a programme of artistic and creative residencies that will mobilise the critical international mass; a dynamic and attractive range of creative experiences that will put tourists in touch with the unique aspects of our regional identity and heritage, based on a 'do it yourself' philosophy; a cultural programme that promotes events related to the themes of creativity, heritage, arts and crafts.

Loulé Criativo

Palácio Gama Lobo, Rua da Nossa Sra. de Fátima,

8100-259 Loulé - Portugal


+351 289 400 829
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