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The company was established in the 70s by Egidio Lanaro, Andrea’s father, in a small town in Northern
Italy. It was a family-run business building lighting fixtures and small lamps for shops. Everything was handmade and on a small scale. Andrea first started experimenting with LED lighting in 2010. At the time, most manufacturers were using it mainly for industrial lighting. But he envisioned a different application of this new technology. Swimming against the tide, he started to think of a new and creative way to exploit LED lighting.

In 2014, he launched OLEV “Only LED, Only Design” - the first brand to produce a full range of LED-based decorative lamps.

Marc Sadler’s new art direction reaffirms the company’s purpose of focusing on high quality, consolidating its position and even spreading outside the national borders.

OLEV today produces sound-absorbing lamps, lamps that purify the air and design smart lamps.

Via del Progresso, 40
36064 Colceresa -VI-

Ph: +39 0424 411 403
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