Designers Samuel Costantini

The ability to create objects lies in the tradition in our hands. In ancient times, they were our only means of realizing our thoughts. Artisan is the one with this ability to breathe life into the raw material. Since Samuel Constantin was a young boy has tried to create the objects of his imagination. He has always believed when you make an object you have created yourself it is possible to bequeath something to that object and that my thoughts can be passed on via my hands.

Metal is one of those materials which more than others allows you to give shape to ideas. Connection with the elements is basic when it comes to my objects being born. The principal element is earth, from which metal originates. The natural world around us is a source of inspiration for new techniques and new objects to be shaped. The earth has, over the centuries, already sculptured the most beautiful works of art. The second element is fire which governs metal. Over time he has come to understand that fire is never my servant. You can think that you dominate it, but in reality you never have full control over it. So fire contributes to the creation of objects as if it were a co-artist.

The concept of the elements, the link with the territory, the precious metals often obtained from recycled materials, techniques from the past and the search for new ones give the creation all the subtleties it requires. This is the essence of Samuel Constantini's creations. After years of bringing to life the ideas of others, it is now time also to realize our own, giving hands and minds the freedom to experiment and create. There is no production line: every creation is made by hand and exclusively to order, and this enhances the individuality of the pieces, which are all numbered to make each one unique.

Nation: Italy

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