Designers Frédéric Fesseler

Inspired by the aesthetics and diversity of wood as a raw material, Jean-Frédéric Fesseler gives voice to traditional craftsmanship in the form of contemporary design objects.

Born in Berlin with French roots, he learned the essential techniques of woodworking from his father. After his international training, he specialized in creating unique pieces of the highest quality.

Jean-Frederic combines the craftsmanship of artistic joinery with stylistically clear product design, making wood a tangible form through more than just a precise surface finish.

The focus of his work is the design of furniture and objects with movable elements, as well as the production of hand-turned writing instruments from various precious woods.

Through his creative activity and his passion for precious wood, he wants to offer traditional craftsmanship new forms of artistic expression. In doing so, it is important to him already during the creative process to make high-quality resources tangible and to give wood a soul.

Nation: Germany
+49(0)173 66 28 801
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