Fuorisalone Virtual Studio with the support and collaboration of Mindtable, offers a complete solution – including ideation, planning, scripting, directing, and broadcasting – for the production and delivery of virtual and digital events from the showroom, studio, home, or a temporary location.


Your gateway to the digital age
The pandemic has accelerated the digital transformation for many companies, including digital communications. Videocalls have become part of our daily life, but they also generate fatigue because of the quantify of monotonous meetings. Riding this digital wave the next logical step is to "dress" with professionalism and creativity the place companies have been using to communicate with their audiences.

set and final result
In order to meet your company’s needs, we have created the “digital pro event” proposal: our team will come directly to your showroom,or offices, to build a set in a small space and create a real digital event.
We take care of authoring and designing the event, audio and video direction, and live broadcast (or recording and postproduction). You only need to provide a briefing of your goals and requirements. We will take care of every detail.

We will take you online by immersing you in a static virtual studio, in a virtual studio that users can navigate in 3D, or in a television set context that leverages your showroom. Whatever your goal is - selling, presenting, talking, informing, … - , you will "go online" in the most innovative and professional digital frame and you will be able to reach an unlimited audience: with no language or territorial barriers. All of this will have a great impact on your ROI.

Examples of virtual studios

virtual studio in a small space

from virtual studio to television layout

The standard format

The standard format includes

Event planning and consulting
On site studio set up in Milan and surroundings
Static virtual studio (3 options of studio)
Up to 2 speakers in presence and 4 remote speakers
audio/video direction and live broadcasting
   (2 audio and video technicians, 1 supervisor)
up to two hours of live broadcasting or recording
customized graphics for transitions
captions and presets
Q&A via unmoderated chat

Price: 5.000 € + VAT

Additional Services

Data analysis and customer output

Advanced analysis of platform data and output report to for performance optimization and event planning.

Price: 1.000 € + VAT

Recording Studio

Don’t want to use your own showroom? Choose a location to live stream or record, starting from € 1.500/giorno

Price: 1.500 € + VAT

3D sets to move in virtual environments

Immersion in an unreal project - or other software - to move within a realistic 3D virtual place.

Custom price

Event organization administrative support

Sending invitations and personalized guest management with customer graphics. Recall and customer service management during the event starting from € 1.000

Price: 1.000 € + VAT

Add presenters and moderated chat

Up to 4 additional presenters with 4x3 meter green screen and cameraman

Price: 1.500 € + VAT

Set up and on site scenography

Design and construction of sets, preparation of physical spaces

Custom price

Static Virtual Studio Creation

Creation of a virtual study built from scratch following customer’s requirements starting from 5.000

Price: 5.000 € + VAT

Event postproduction

Postproduvtion of your live stream or the event you pre-recorded with us

Price: 1.000 € + VAT (2 minutes pill)


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