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The platform was created around the concept of Design Guide, shifting the focus from communicating the event to communicating the context, from one week to the whole year, with an editorial plan that is always active and multi-channel.

Below is a summary of the main offer linked to and its audience.

The offer is completed by Fuorisalone Meets, dedicated to the management of webinars, which allows to organize workshops and dedicated presentations, and the channels Fuorisalone China (Weibo, Wechat and Miniprogram profiles) and Fuorisalone Japan (, both born with the aim of extending the communication opportunities on two strategic markets for the made in Italy thanks to a consulting service, local partners and alliances.

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Fuorisalone TV

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Fuorisalone Magazine

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Fuorisalone China

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Fuorisalone Japan

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  • Project Italy/Japan

How, when and what to communicate
The solutions of

Fuorisalone’s platform offers flexible and tailored solutions, in line with the customer’s needs.
You can choose whether to join a standard communication package, which guarantees a presence on the various tools with direct visibility during the event, or to define a dedicated communication plan, composing the different formats to be used throughout the year, whenever you want.

Studiolabo’s expertise and knowledge of the context is shared with the client by offering advice that supports them and helps them make choices, optimising resources and creating new opportunities.
Fuorisalone talks about design at 360 : from supply design to tech, from service design to automotive, real estate, art, fashion as well as luxury, lifestyle, travel, well-being, sustainability.

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