Rado's True Square collection celebrates design

Four models, created in collaboration with award-winning designers from around the world, that focus on innovative materials and design down to the last detail.


A collection designed entirely for design enthusiasts: this is True Square from the Swiss company RADO, which has been keeping a close eye on the world of design since 1917. Each collection features one or more flagship watches specially designed by world-renowned designers.

True Square sees the collaboration of four international designers: YOY, Formafantasma, Tej Chauhan and Thukral & Tagra were invited to design four watches that share, as the name of the collection suggests, a square shape.


Truesquare by Formafantasma

The real innovation of this True Square model is the use of the high-tech ceramic material.
"We wanted to make a watch that emphasised the qualities of the material and its applications in watchmaking. We did our best to come up with a code that would enhance ceramic and its use for what it is. We didn't want ceramic to look like metal or any other compound, but to look almost naked," say Andrea Trimarchi and Simone Farresin, in art Formafantasma.

The design duo takes inspiration from the historical idea of a closed watch to create a bold and striking style statement designed to stand the test of time. The idea of the closed watch refers back to historical pocket watches. The watch case is designed to protect the delicate dial and mechanism inside. Only a small opening gives a glimpse of time, of the watch's true function. The dial window is protected by a sapphire crystal. Several materials are integrated in this watch. The bracelet is, like the dial, made of matt light grey high-tech ceramic titanium. The materials were chosen specifically for their tactility and embrace a distinct and unusual tone-on-tone style.

The distinctive design not only refers to pocket watches but is also a representation of the name of the Formafantasma duo. The ghostly appearance is conveyed by both the light grey monochrome construction and the almost imperceptible presence of the dial.


Truesquare Undigital – YOY
The first watch by Japanese designers YOY is intended to give a futuristic feel by mixing and blurring the boundaries between analogue and digital watches. LED light segments, typical of digital watches, are used here to form the hands of the watch. They stand out thanks to an interplay of colours: bright white hands against an all-black background.


True Square Tej Chauhan
A watch with a very bold style, emphasised by the use of colours: yellow, silver blue and red meet on the watch face. Each colour has a specific function. Tej Chauhan used high-tech injection-moulded ceramic. "We strategically use shape, colour and material to bring joy to people," explains the London and Helsinki-based designer.


True Square Over the Abyss - Thukral & TagraThe two Indian artists offer a new perspective on time. The hands are replaced by two superimposed dials, enabling the wearer to check the time in other countries of the world. The watch is scheduled to be launched next September.

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