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SforSustainable is an online resource dedicated to sustainable interior design

The interior design industry has a huge impact on the environment and the times we're living are both challenging and rich in opportunities.
The development of sustainable & circular design is rethinking materials, processes and design approaches with the aim to create products that are mindful of our planet.


SforSustainable is meant to inspire and provide professionals & interior design lovers with a concrete resource to start making more sustainable interior design choices, navigating through an evolving world full of innovations.

On SforSustainable, you’ll find:

- a curated and regularly updated selection of sustainable interior design products (furniture, lighting, accessories, finishes, tableware, textiles)

- detailed explanations of what makes each item a sustainable choice

- dedicated discount codes

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Every month, the members of SforSustainable's community receive additional exclusive content.
This includes Sustainable Moodboards: a series of thematic moodboards created with all sustainable products! (View an example in the Download section at the bottom of this page)


On the occasion of Fuorisalone 2020, SforSustainable will be enriched with new sustainable products presented during this digital edition of Milan Design Week.
To discover them, look for the "Milan Design Week 2020" tag on SforSustainable!

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Vana by Bonden

Vana is a cushion whose cover is made of 100% Finnish wool felt and its insert is manufactured using 98% of recycled PET bottles. 
Besides producing sustainable interior design objects, Bonden is committed to preserving Nordic craftsmanship traditions and all its products are made in collaboration with local artisans.

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Solarium by Boutures

Solarium is a table lamp entirely made of recycled plastic. The upper disc is PET coming from old packaging. The base is HDPE (high-density polyethylene - another plastic polymer) sourced from a combination of ocean trash and waste from the automotive industry.

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MushLume Hemi by Grown.Bio

MushLume Hemi is a pendant lamp created with an innovative material grown starting from local agricultural waste and mycelium (mushrooms' root system) that acts as a natural glue. (Design: Danielle Trofe)

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Marmoucha by Jurande

Marmoucha is a hand-knotted rug made of 100% wool coming from the Atlas Mountains in Morocco.
Jurande is an emerging brand focusing on the celebration of traditional craftsmanship from around the world.

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