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Total Tool is a strategic design and consultancy studio based in Milan, browsing transversally into the fields of design, communication, architecture and visioning activities, founded in 1999 in Milan by Giulio Ceppi, architect and designer, with a personal experience in creative team working in Domus Academy and Philips Design.

Total Tool was born from the belief that creativity is a process of interaction between multiple disciplines, through the formation of a platform that is able to create a lively and active dialogue at every professional level.

Total Tool today operates through an international network of professionals and experts in different disciplines and in a wide cultural dimension, with transversal knowledge ranging from design to communication up to architecture.

Total Tool is dedicated to business innovation and brand architecture, but we consider human factors and social values our final goals, as we design for a better present and for an enhanced future, trying to make real what can be desirable also by someone else.

The main vocation of Total Tool is to help companies, industrial groups, sector associations and administrative bodies to renew themselves by creating value for the company and thus adding excellence and creativity in every sector or activity. The way of operating Total Tool in turn creates renewal, produces clear strategies and offers more development opportunities. The goal is to make the human component talk, questioning it in the face of technology, communication, behavior and real needs. Total Tool always aims to identify and define innovation processes and create new strategic opportunities.

via Francesco Restelli, 3

20124 Milano.

Nation: Italy
Birth date: 22/01/1965
(56 years old)
+39 02 76317571
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