“Materia Natura” (Matter Nature)
The theme of Fuorisalone 2024


The theme of Fuorisalone 2024 is “Materia Natura” a suggestion that promotes, through an exploration of the profound connection between these two words, a conscious design culture, highlighting sustainability as guiding principle and fundamental value in the creative and design processes.

The theme of Fuorisalone 2024 is “Materia Natura”, which invites a profound exploration of the connection between these two words.

Reflections on nature have always been at the center of human culture which, in order to interpret it, has transformed it into an "other" entity, as has always happened with matter, which has always been manipulated, studied and experimented with.

However, it is on the level of their relationship with mankind that these two concepts meet and overlap, manifesting themselves in harmony with each other.

The word "nature" is also a strong reminder of the most urgent and current issues of our present and underlines the importance of promoting projects oriented towards increasingly sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions.

At the same time, the word "matter" opens and fuels a natural dialogue with design, creative thinking, planning and the wish to imagine infinite and possible transformations.

The theme "Materia Natura" evolves the concepts previously addressed by Fuorisalone and becomes an extension of the themes of the previous editions: "Forme dell'Abitare", "Tra Spazio e Tempo" and "Laboratorio Futuro", outlining a path that supports the values of a conscious project culture.

"Materia Natura" further amplifies and deepens this vision, highlighting sustainability as a guiding principle and fundamental virtue in the creative and design process.

The theme of the Fuorisalone 2024 will therefore be an important opportunity to investigate and discover the multiple dimensions in which nature can manifest itself as a source of inspiration, design material and guide for a sustainable future.

Conversation on Materia Natura

c/o Brera Design Apartment
22 November 2023

Materia Natura has been the protagonist of a moment shared at the Brera Design Apartment, with some of the authors and professionals of the world of art, design and contemporary culture. A confrontation that brought to exceptional points of view on the theme, which will be presented to the public at the official Fuorisalone press conference on February 28th, 2024.

The dialogue around the theme was curated by Nicola Ricciardi - creative director of MiArt - who, together with Paolo Casati and the editorial team of Fuorisalone.it, collected thoughts, stories and anecdotes from Andrea Cassi and Michele Versaci - architects and designers -, Giorgio Ferrero - Mybosswass -, Annalisa Rosso - editorial director of the Salone del Mobile.Milano and co-founder of the studio Mr.Lawrence -, Federica Sala - independent curator and editorial director of The Good Life Italia -, Italo Rota - architect and designer -, Andrea Staid - anthropologist, author and teacher at NABA - and Andrea Vigna - chef.