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Milan is a brand recognized by the Chinese public, and its events and trends have a strong appeal.
In May 2020 Fuorisalone.it opened its official WeChat and Weibo accounts, 米兰设计周 FUORISALONE (Milano Design Week Fuorisalone), managed in collaboration with Digital to Asia. Not only tools for the promotion of activities related to the Milan Design Week, the Chinese channels are communication platforms active throughout the year with the aim of presenting trends, companies and products, especially made in Italy.

WeChat and Weibo

With more than one billion active users, WeChat is a real eco-system. WeChat is not only used as social media, as it allows a lot of other actions such as messaging, purchasing products, accessing any kind of service, using mini-programs to play or receive assistance, and more. It allows to pay, to be always updated on the most beloved brands and constantly receive all the news.

For companies and brands that want to promote themselves in China, the opening or the partnership with a WeChat offical account is the starting point to keep Design lovers always informed about new products, events, strategies.

Fuorisalone WeChat Official Account is a collector and host all those brands and events that want to communicate, in Chinese and to Chinese customers, their creations and news. In addition to pure communication, articles and ADV on WeChat you can also make targeted advertising to specific users. Finally, the mini-program functionality offers ad hoc visibility spaces for Brands who wish to have their own Chinese business card.

Who has already used our service


In 2015, Studiolabo was involved in a research and design team together with Alessandro Deserti and Alberto Sala of StudioASPS/Milano with the aim of developing a new format for the Shenzhen Design Week wanted by the Shenzhen municipality.

Studiolabo, after a careful local urban analysis and a research on the design week models in the world, was in charge of defining a project scenario and developing a site-specific installation dedicated to the promotion of the format, positioned on the entrance square of the Fair.


The pavilion was designed to welcome the public to the fair with informal communication and a structure capable of recreating an experiential storytelling. Eight large screens broadcasting interviews on the main themes of the 2015 edition of Shenzhen Design Week were alternated with images of the Milanese design week, to create a sort of path towards a declared model from which China is inspired.

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