“Mondi Connessi” (Connected Worlds):
Interactivity and Immersion in Design for a Connected World


"Mondi Connessi" (Connected Worlds) is the theme of Fuorisalone 2025, a vision that promotes participatory and generative design, celebrating the art of engagement through design and forms of artificial intelligence.

This theme encourages reflection on how design can play a pivotal role in linking various dimensions of our lives, from the natural environment to advanced technologies, from cultural traditions to future innovations. "Connected Worlds" is an invitation to design not only to express creativity and ingenuity but also to foster a sense of unity and global cooperation.

The concept of "connection" can be interpreted in multiple ways:

  • Connection between physical and digital worlds: Artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things (IoT), and smart devices interacting to enhance the quality of life in homes and cities.
  • Connection between diverse cultures: Influences and exchanges that enrich one another.
  • Connection between humans and the environment: Imagining design as increasingly committed to reducing ecological impact. Projects showcasing how sustainable technologies and renewable energies can integrate into urban and domestic settings.
  • Connection between people and communities: Thoughtful design of public spaces fostering social interaction.
  • Connections sparked by installations: Encouraging sharing and dialogue through projects exploring how architecture can create inclusive and accessible spaces, promoting inclusion.
  • Connection between spaces and people: Innovative solutions for urban mobility.
  • Connection across various media and disciplines: Sharing information and knowledge.

"Connected Worlds" reflects the themes that emerged strongly during the last Milan Design Week, where connections were a major focus, engaging the public, companies, and professionals alike.

Additionally, "Connected Worlds" extends the themes proposed in previous editions of Fuorisalone, from the 2024 theme "Materia Natura"—designed to explore the multiple dimensions in which nature can manifest as a source of inspiration, a material for design, and a guide for a sustainable future—to "Forms of Living," "Between Space and Time," and "Future Lab," outlining a path that supports the values of a conscious design culture attentive to new forms of knowledge influencing the design context.

The theme of Fuorisalone 2025 will thus be a significant opportunity to celebrate relationships and the art of engagement through design, highlighting how hybrid competencies, as well as interactive and immersive experiences, can transform our ways of living, working, and interacting with the world around us.