Designers Malte Martin

Malte Martin, graphic designer and visual artist, runs a graphic design and space workshop that explores all areas of contemporary creation: theatre, dance, music, cinema. His influences are multiple. He began his career with a training in the lineage of the "Bauhaus", before joining the Beaux-Arts de Paris and entering the Grapus workshop.


In parallel, he leads the Agrafmobile laboratory, an itinerant visual theatre that takes over the urban space and the territories of everyday life. A space for experimentation between visual and sound creation, between gestures and signs. For more than fifteen years, Malte Martin has been staging artistic interventions in the urban environment. He designs

and orchestrates an urban theatre that shifts the boundaries of everyday life. Agrafmobile has thus acquired a confirmed experience with a social design approach to rethink uses, to innovate culturally and socially in urban requalification projects.

These artistic and experimental devices around Agrafmobile are regularly reinvested with its workshop in space design devices on urban planning and redevelopment sites. With a social design approach as a vector to rethink uses and to innovate culturally and to generate social trans-formations.


In recent years, Malte Martin's work has focused on territories undergoing change (urban, cultural and/or sociological).


Nation: Germany

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