Designers Ivana Preiss

Ivana Preiss is an insightful and creative senior design strategist. She co-founded 52hours, an international strategic brand and design consultancy.

The Heer brand was launched by 52hours, a Prague-based boutique design studio run by Ivana Preiss from Zagreb and Filip Vasić from Belgrade. The idea, concept design, product design, brand strategy, research, and product launch are generated by 52hours. Heer bench – the world’s first ergonomically designed bench that provides mothers with a comfortable place for breastfeeding their babies in public. Instead of being isolated in a few poorly designed and uncomfortable breastfeeding rooms, with Heer, moms can stay in the environment they prefer, while simultaneously being protected from the hectic, urban surroundings. Heer is a small, peaceful oasis for moms and babies, a type of furniture that perfectly fits the concept of a smart city. The city interface of the future should facilitate smoother interaction between the city and its citizens, not only by means of technology but also by offering smart urban solutions tailored to fit various human needs.

Nation: Croatia

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