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DAILY #6 - 9 September 2021
The best of the sixth day of Fuorisalone 2021
From 9/09 AT 00:00

DAILY #6 - 9 September 2021

The best of the sixth day of Fuorisalone 2021

The daily of Fuorisalone 2021 as seen through the eyes of students, official districts, brands and figures from the sector and produced in partnership with Pyxie, a revolutionary multi-device video-editing application. 

In this episode, let's find out what happened during the sixth day of Design Week!

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Angela Ponzini, Francesca Guzzo, Chiara Alberti, Eleonora Nava, Carlo Boschis, Bo-Cheng You, Deniz Yanık, Noemi Giannuzzi, Zi Yin Zhou, Alessandro Ciprian, Fiorella De Caro, Matteo Gualberto, Sofia Pigozzo, Alessia Vannini, Camilla Indelicato, Xin Lu Yang, Luisa Beorchia, Alessandro Galli, Eleonora Nitopi, Mercedes Maria Vitali, Rui Chen, Valentina Giulietti, Elena Baharlouei, HuanHuan Wu, Silvia Dal Col, Jiayu Wu, Chiara Fammartino, Alessia Grimaldi, Luca Arrostuto, Daniela Grisel Beizaga, Elena Franceschetto Lunardon, Federica Schmid, Cecilia Vagaggini, Michela Forbiti

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