Event 2024

The Light You Are “Shapes of lights” by Studio MILO

Shapes of lights
15-21 April 2024

The event belongs to
Brera Design District 2024

Two temporary installations, two concepts, two different venues in Brera Design District to showcase the two Masiero’s collections, Dimore in Via Statuto 16 and Atelier in Corso Garibaldi 73, two interpretations of Masiero soul created by studio MILO for Fuorisalone 2024.

"The Light you are" the trait d'union of the two temporary installations, underlining the personal declinations that the two collections can offer, both for Masiero's ability to offer a wide range of lights in the catalogue, different in design, materials and types, with a deliberately transversal style, and for the brand's unique ability to follow and execute custom lighting projects with scenographic, unique and tailored compositions.

Two environments, two exhibitions during Milan Design Week, very different but both characterized by captivating elegance and contemporaneity, whose architecture is marked by rhythmic and light geometric elements that refer to a classicity interpreted in an urban key.

The double soul of the brand is represented in spaces that play with color palettes with an ethereal and timeless atmosphere, in which lamps emerge as primary elements.

“Shapes of lights” at Via Statuto 16

A calm and airy space, a perfect canvas cloaked in tranquility for a selection of lamps belonging to Dimore collection with elegant finishes and soft, textured accents.

Tones ranging from taupe to pink cover every surface, arched architectural elements conceal the latest collections: Cordea by Favaretto&Partners in the new finishes and a dramatic cascade of Nappe by Marco Zito with the refined bronze finish.

Niches reveal Visio by Nava + Arosio, Horo by Pierre Gonalons, and Honicé by Oriano Favaretto, while the showcase is all about the new Luppiter collection by Marco Zito.

In the dehors, which replicates the cross-vaulted architectural structure of the interiors, the outdoor Cordea designed by Favaretto&Partners are suspended, declined in special finishes.

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15-21 April 2024

Sito Web: www.masierogroup.com

Email: info@masierogroup.com


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