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We believe in human touch power and beauty. We create tables and seating systems, sofas and shelving, walls, and lighting elements. In each product, we add the Italian art of living combined with international style.

We are a family of artisans born and raised in the province
of Treviso, not far from Venice, and traditional
craft lessons of refined precision. In our family, we have 40 years of experience in contract furniture.

We celebrate the iconic gesture of the designers and the insane instinct of a
new generation of craftsmen. Our value is customization, to give architects and interior designers the possibility to choose, combine, or customize their ideas.


Leather, brass, iron, steel, we forge our furniture in this way. We realize refined standard collections, lines signed by important designers, sophisticated made-to-measure productions.

Our productive strength is a Renaissance network of 4.0 craftsmen and finishing artists.
From the Metalseat factory of the Pegoraro family
a network of Venetian techno-craftsmen branches out within a radius of twenty kilometers.

Heroes of the material that have been shaping metal, stone, leather, fabrics, glass, and wood for generations.

From their fathers, they have inherited the know-how and attention to detail. They are artists with rough hands, ideologists
of a new Renaissance, always ready to invent
and to experiment, among sparks, robots and drawings sketched on the ground with chalk. This is how they develop for us new materials, decorations, cutting techniques, original finishes, secret mixtures, and new tricks to make ADD Art Design Details solutions unique.


Metalseat S.r.l.
via 1° Maggio, 14
35015 Galliera Veneta (PD) Italy


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