WOOD-SKIN is a brand that offers innovative products for architecture using digital manufacturing technologies. Since 2013 we’ve been enabling architects, designers and general contractors from all over the world to bridge the gap between digital representation and architectural feasibility.

Through our patented WOOD-SKIN® process we make rigid surfaces flexible and flat surfaces three-dimensional, bringing volume, dynamism and soul to a multitude of materials that industry and technology have traditionally relegated to the two-dimensional state. We are an interdisciplinary company made up of architects, designers and engineers united by a shared passion and a particular attention to materials, details, digital manufacturing and software.

WOOD-SKIN is designed in our headquarters in Milan, and promoted through a network of agents, in addition to participation in the most important international trade fairs. Our computational design department provides clients with the right tools at every stage of the project, from the development of the idea to its final realization.

The software, an integral part of the WOOD-SKIN® patent, allows us to tessellate the surfaces of the 3D model in order to generate the precise geometries of the panels, which, joined by fabric hinges, recreate the exact configuration of the digital design without the use of heavy and expensive structures. Since the process can be studied and tested prior to installation, we produce optimized elements with minimal waste of material and time.

With years of experience in the construction of three-dimensional surfaces, today we are able to offer architects and builders a multitude of wall and ceiling cladding products, which can be shipped flat all over the world and installed directly by local workers thanks to a simple dry assembly system and the absence of a substructure.

The potential of WOOD-SKIN has driven us to push beyond the world of architectural design, transforming the process into a true design grammar. This has given rise to two satellite operations: the Folio brand of configurable furnishing elements, and the Materea digital factory, dedicated to the manufacturing processes of the future.

WOOD-SKIN Headquarter
via Marcantonio dal Re 24, 20156 Milan

+39 02 8703 6995
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