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Karpeta was founded in 2006 with the aim of combining the past with the present, choosing to intertwine the craftsmanship of tradition with the modernity of a contemporary aesthetic, always keeping alive the ancient handcrafting traditions typical of carpets production. Day after day, and year after year, Karpeta becomes a more solid reality, where tradition and modernity are combined, establishing its name for the use of high quality natural fibres and for the precious handmade workmanship that narrates of our present times and the new rituals of living. Karpeta is a Made in Italy project, expression of contemporary design, in a perfect mixture of art and manufacturing. The inspiration comes from the vision of a future in which tradition and knowledge play a strategic role in offering new possibilities. The desire to experiment and renew the ancient techniques of weaving pushes forward the search for a new balance between what is expected and what is unexpected.   Starting in 2020, Karpeta, together with the affiliated wallpaper brand Texturae, undertakes a new artistic path, under the creative direction of / àr o/, the independent creative consulting firm founded by Andrea Steidl and Raquel Pacchini. With a creative process based on strategic and emotional research, extending from spaces and materials to market and user experience, the studio transforms ideas and inspirations into design projects that promote a unique and highly recognizable brand identity vision. The collections developed under the direction of the studio combine daring aesthetic experimentation, which originates from different creative worlds (the collections are in fact signed by a pool of designers, illustrators, graphic designers, architects and artists with varied styles and backgrounds), with a typically Italian vocation for quality and innovation, whose ultimate goal is minimal environmental impact, the use of high quality materials, the combination of traditional and avant-garde techniques. 


Via Prov.le Spirito Santo Cannavò 

89128 – Reggio Calabria



Via Cappuccio 18, 

20123 MILANO

+39 0965645480
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