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The Memphis company, under the management of Alberto Bianchi Albrici, decided to historicize and protect the Memphis-Milano collections by ceasing to use the brand for new products. This is why the Post Design brand was founded in 1997. Under the aegis of the new logo, designed by Sottsass, there are designers who previously belonged to the Memphis group, such as Nathalie Du Pasquier, George Sowden and Ettore Sottsass himself, together with some of the most important artists on the international scene, including Pierre Charpin, Denis Santachiara, Nanda Vigo, and Johanna Grawunder, as well as lesser-known young designers, with the aim of providing them with visibility.

Unlike the Memphis-Milano collections, consistent expressions of a single language, each of the Post Design collections has its own stylistic autonomy. While Memphis-Milano represents the ability to bring together various personalities in a powerful collective voice, Post Design is declaredly open to multilingualism, leaving room for individual poetics.

Nathalie Du Pasquier designs a remarkable collection of carpets, both in terms of quantity and quality. Richard Woods investigates various aspects of two-dimensional decorativism by applying his famous patterns to furniture and objects. Johanna Grawunder works with light through extreme minimalism. Markus Benesch produces a collection endowed with imagery and meaning. Sottsass himself, through Post Design, investigates new languages that mark a decisive break with the Memphis world. This is how the collections “Mobili lunghi” and “Lo specchio di Saffo” (Sappho’s Mirror) came about: rarefied and poetic lights and items of furniture that reference the world of myth, memory, and dreams.

What’s more, Post Design Gallery is the name of the Milanese gallery that hosts all the initiatives of the Memphis company. The way Post Design works is more like an art gallery than a company: each exhibition tells the story of a coherent project by a single artist or a group of artists, who are also entrusted with the creation of the catalogue, viewed as an integral part of the collection.

Post Design is an ambitious project of open investigation into the future, aimed at opening up new paths and recording changes in progress, in the belief that in design just like in life, nothing should be taken for granted.

Post Design Gallery
Largo Treves 5, 20121 Milan

Memphis s.r.l.
Via Olivetti 9, 20010 Pregnana Milanese (MI)

+39 02 65 54 731
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