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Archivio Negroni is the dynamic repository of the original workshop set up in the '50s and still active today. It has always managed to transform its activity according to the changes in metal engraving. Since the ’90s, it has integrated traditional processes, mechanical and analog, with today’s digital technologies and it has placed its know how and abilities in the service of contemporary craft, with a special focus on contemporary jewellery.

The machinery and tools in the historic workshop are meticulously preserved and still functioning. No matter which artefact stored in the archive can be recreated today and modified to suit specific requests. From serial production, typical of this traditional practice, to custom making, creating new textures and bas-reliefs based on drawings, brass, bronze, aluminium or any other metal decorated bands can be obtained through pattern roll milling. 

Archivio Negroni is also a space for exhibiting, storytelling, learning, near Politecnico headquarter (Città Studi, Acquabella area in Milan). 
Art and design here are in dialog to express all the charme of historical craftmanship skills, available to designers who wish to share their 'future' heritage. 


Via Filippo Tajani 3 - 20133 Milano

+39 3358083039
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