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Elements Milano is the place where creativity, material, design and craftsmanship give life to environments - private, commercial and public - where the quality of the materials chosen, the beauty of a refined design and the sartorial attention to every detail become synonymous with living well. A unique Collective Workshop that addresses individuals, architects and designers as an expert interlocutor to give shape to their ideas, desires and projects.

Elements Milano’s creations combine the expressive power of the material with the search for forms with timeless beauty, with particular attention to the latest industry news and trends in Interior Design. All in compliance with a very high-level artisan tradition, an expression of Italian savoir-faire. Thanks to the presence of different proprietary production facilities, with a laboratory for stone processing and one for ceramics processing, Elements Milano can indulge the most daring ideas by giving space to the creativity of architects and designers who will then put their signature on the finished project.

SHOWROOM | Via Giovanni Antonio Plana, 53 - 20155 Milano

02 8498 0827
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